Improving the astronaut fitness experience — iOS

Researching, Ideating, Designing, Prototyping (Individual Project)

November - December 2016 (One Month)


Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, POP, Sketch, Flinto

Astronauts have to maintain a tough mentality to last through space for long periods of time. How might Endeavour motivate and improve the astronaut's mental state through the fitness experience? 


Astronauts sacrifice their lives on earth in order to open up opportunities for us outside of earth. Being away from loved ones and occupying an enclosed environment can cause discouragement, eventually affecting one of their most essential tasks during the mission —maintaining a proper two-hour daily workout.


Designed for IOS, this is where Endeavour comes into play: a system where astronauts can track their own fitness sessions, maintain personal connections with doctors as well as build motivational relationships with the international space community. All in order to make sure they have a healthy mental mindset to do what they love.





With the topic of fitness, there are plenty of apps out there; however, what would make my app unique compared to the rest? This made me question;

Which type of users relied heavily on fitness in their daily lifestyle?


With astronauts needing a daily fitness quota, I wanted to understand who astronauts are in order to understand the relationship between the occupation and fitness. How did they exercise in space? How could Endeavour benefit their overall lifestyle? My questions were answered by collecting a series of secondary research, organizing my findings through a PACT analysis and personas.

Summarizing everything learned, I realized fitness had a major correlation towards their mental state


Analyzing on these painpoints, I've constructed goals on what Endeavour had the potential to develop:


  • Tracks daily motion & visually displays data for user to understand input easier
  • User is paired with a specialized doctor, establishing a genuine relationship and share feedback real time
  • Gamification feature, to connect and develop an encouraging and supportive team


With so many features jumbled up in my head, I decided to narrow it down to 4 main sections. Focusing on tackling the pain-points mentioned above, I translated my ideas into low-fidelity prototyping for testing.


Here are some of the features produced to improve the astronaut's fitness lifestyle using Sketch, and feedback from my peers.


Working on this project with such a unique target audience really opened my eyes to the many "out of this world" elements to consider (bad-dum-tsss)! Looking back, although there are some visual aspects of the application I definitely would fix; however, I am proud of how much I've pushed myself to learn throughout this entire journey. Learning how to step into one's shoes and realizing the importance of mental health to its correlation with physical health, I'm excited to see what else I can experience next!

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