Tackling the barriers of communication within healthcare


UI/UX Design Intern
(turned Part-Time Designer/ Sept 2017)


April 2017 - May 2018


Albert Tai, Rushabh Parkeh, Umar Azhar, Joseph Choi, Rajesh Bhayana, Rachel Cheng (me)

Hypercare is a healthcare start-up, focusing on solving the miscommunication within healthcare professionals; by giving medical residents the tools to collaborate efficiently and do what they do best — saving lives.


As the company’s only designer in a small early-stage startup, I juggled a variety of roles including the redesign of the mobile and web, as well as ideating on upcoming features. Although I have this amazing opportunity to collaborate with engineers and practice my technical skills, my main intention of this internship is to experience the power of empathy a designer is responsible for, especially in an industry I have no background knowledge of.

Participating in a field study in Imagine Clinic


With hospitals conducting treatments and intensive research studies to a great number of lives, everyone plays a crucial role. However, with the outdated system of pagers as well as unauthorized social media platforms, the miscommunication caused can create misalignment in information and disturbance in the workflow. 


One of the features I had the opportunity to create is Role-Based Availability (RBA), a personalized directory guiding medical residents to find the best person to talk to, steering the right information to the right person.




My first approach to understanding medical residents is through conducting user interviews and participating in field studies. This consisted of asking qualitative questions such as their workflow to even the intimate details of their personal life.

Communication structure within hospitals
Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 3.48.44 PM-min
Dummy example of patient information collection system at University Health Network (UHN), managing 4 of Toronto's major hospitals.

The pager only displays the pager number (with no associated name) who called and the time they paged. 

"The worst feeling is knowing you had a chance to save a patient’s life if you just simply knew who to contact and where they were"

Cori Atlin

(PGY-5 Senior Resident, 2017)


We soon discovered the importance to create a personalized and streamlined approach for users to not only find their desired contacts, but also recognize who they're talking to. With this focus, this can have the ability to tackle the complicated paging system being placed in the fast-paced environment.

The process formed the question: 

"How might we guide the right information to the best-suited healthcare professional?"

Paging System (Horizontal)-min
Paging System — Hypercare-min


When translating the pain-points into ideas, we developed an availability-centric directory, as the "right people" are classified to; being available for assistance at the appropriate time and/or are the most knowledgeable for the situation. With these traits in mind, Hypercare's directory is designed to direct residents to identify the traits they're looking for, and check in system for their current availability.

Filtering Feature: gradually over time the guidance of the results from user interviews and our medical advisors, we progressed through a variety of iterations.


Replacing the operator, the filtering feature contributes to finding the best person. Using the tagging feature, medical residents can find who they're looking on based on the 3 important factors of each resident —position, department and specialty*Currently in the shipping process

RBA_v3_results_favourite _other_iphone8silver_portrait

Designing and solving problems for the ones who need the change, but lack the toolkit to do so

This quote highlighted my entire internship experience here, as I had the chance to experience the empathetic mindset of a product designer, with real passionate users. Through understanding these users in the process, it showed how design possesses the ability to give a chance for these medical residents to save lives at an unimaginable level. With this experience now in my belt, I'm excited to take on different opportunities that can solve large-scale complex problems, but also challenge myself in different perspectives as a budding designer. 

If you're interested in hearing how I lead the company's first design thinking workshop or just curious to know more about Hypercare, feel free to message me. I'm always open to sharing my design decisions and thoughts!

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